Thursday, August 5, 2010


The earliest definition of cocktail was in the May 13, 1806, edition of the Balance and Columbian Repository, a publication in Hudson, New York, in which an answer was provided to the question, "What is a cocktail?". It replied:Cocktail is a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters—it is vulgarly called a bittered sling and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion, in as much as it renders the heart stout and bold, at the same time that it fuddles the head. It is said, also to be of great use to a Democratic candidate: because a person, having swallowed a glass of it, is ready to swallow anything else.
Perfect Cocktail   Use a Martini Glass, fill with Ice, add Ice to the Shaker, add 16 gluggs Gin to Shaker, 4 glugs sweet Vermouth, 4 gluggs dry Vermouth, splash of Lemon Juice, tip out the Ice in the Glass, shake and strain into Glass and garnish with a Green Olive.

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