Sunday, April 11, 2010

When going to the petrol station hurts...

Should the petrol prices continue to incease, it will be cheaper to push your car than drive it!
But, there are a couple of things you could do in the meantime to decrease your car's petrol consumption:
  • regulary check the tyre pressure, but don't over-inflate them just because you think that this will use even less fuel
  • empty your boot and remove the roof racks. Get rid of everything that you don't need in an emergency
  • plan your journey as getting lost does not only cost time but also fuel
  • stick to the speed limit as driving at 70mph can save you as much as 10% compared to drinving at 80mph (which is also illegal)
  • think ahead and be a smooth driver
  • luckily the weather here does not get too hot but still, don't drive in a fridge. Wind down the windows when you're driving slowly. At 50-60mph the drag increases so you are better off turning on the air con if you really have to
  • get in the habit of switching the engine off when your are stuck in traffic
  • next time you buy a car look for a fuel efficient version which will also result in a lower road tax

Having said all that, walking is still the most fuel saving method. And it shouldn't be too difficult in weather like today.

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david said...

That's fine but I'll still take the Jag.