Saturday, April 3, 2010


Most people propably think that Easter is all about chocolate eggs, but it actually has a more serious background, but I won't bore you with that.
Most countries around the world have the egg as symbol for Easter. But also the Easter Bunnie and lilies are a vital part in many Easter celebrations around the world.
The custom of giving eggs at Easter celebrates new life. Long ago people gave gifts of eggs carved out from wood or precious stone. The first sweet eggs that were eaten were made in the last 100 years from sugar or marzipan, but with the chocolate egg so popular nowadays, these are given at Easter. In some countries parents hide the eggs or treats and the children have to go and find them and in other countries boiled eggs are decorated with paints or dyed. Another Easter tradition is to roll eggs down a hill or roll them over grass with a wooden spoon, the most famous one being at the White House in the US.

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