Friday, March 12, 2010

The Oldest of them All

Another glorious day in the Kingdom of Fife! Blue skies and sunshine since the beginning of the week which is lifting the spirit of all our staff and guests.
Can you believe it-the world's oldest malt is for sale! It's an extremely rare Mortlach Old Speyside Single Malt which was 70 years in the making. A 70cl decanter will set you back £10.000 while a 20cl decander will only cost you a mere £2500. Even the Queen was offered a bottle, but she donated it to the National Museum of Scotland which is currently celebrating Scottish Culture. (Why she did can only but guess)
This special Malt was described by someone who had the chance (and luck) to try it as delicate, fresh, fruity whisky with attributes of waxiness and smokiness. That just makes your mouth water and look under the sofa for the odd spare pound so that you can maybe by a decanter.
Speaking of decanter, the shape of it is quite unusual, but nevertheless well thought out. The tear-drop shape is to symbolise the last drop of whisky from the cast.
I can only say: Cheers!

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