Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Identity of your Car

Do you know how to read your number plate and what the numbers and letter mean?
I think most of us know what the numbers stand for, but what about the rest? The new number plates where introduced in September 2001 and will remain until 2051. Compared to the previous plates which were an entirely random sequence of numbers and letters except for the first one (identifying the age of the car), the new plates should be more recognisable.

The first two letters are for the area code, with the first letter standing for the wider county/area and the second for the local DVLA office where the car was first registered. The two numbers are to indentify the age of the car and change twice per year, March and September. From September this year however, the number 60 will be added, which means that the next registration will be 60, followed by 61 in 2011. the last 3 letters are random to distinguish the individual cars which where registered at the same DVLA office.

So, now that you know what the number plate is all about, have fun while number plate spotting!

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