Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Summer Time? Where?

This is supposed to be the British Summer Time? You wouldn't believe it if you had a look out your window this morning. I think today should officially be named the stay-in-bed-day with all that rain, sleet and wind outside. I don't even think that dogs are keen to go for a walk in those conditions. And there is worse to come. Apparently it is going to snow! At the end of March? I really don't know what the weather has come to.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Identity of your Car

Do you know how to read your number plate and what the numbers and letter mean?
I think most of us know what the numbers stand for, but what about the rest? The new number plates where introduced in September 2001 and will remain until 2051. Compared to the previous plates which were an entirely random sequence of numbers and letters except for the first one (identifying the age of the car), the new plates should be more recognisable.

The first two letters are for the area code, with the first letter standing for the wider county/area and the second for the local DVLA office where the car was first registered. The two numbers are to indentify the age of the car and change twice per year, March and September. From September this year however, the number 60 will be added, which means that the next registration will be 60, followed by 61 in 2011. the last 3 letters are random to distinguish the individual cars which where registered at the same DVLA office.

So, now that you know what the number plate is all about, have fun while number plate spotting!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Another weekend of BA strikes is on the way and other places are set to go on stike, too. Oh the joys of the modern times...this weekend you might not be able fo fly and in the near future you might not catch your normal train to work. The best thing is just to stay at home.

At least the weather is much nicer today than over the last few days! Sunshine makes everything much better, doesn't it? Let's hope the good weather is here to stay! We certainly deserve it after this winter.

We have another music treat in store today. Benny Gallagher is hosting a songwriting weekend and will play a gig later on tonight.Can't wait...maybe I'll see you there.

Monday, March 22, 2010

France -well done Scotland amazing!!

Its great to see Scotland playing great open rugby for a change. They really took the game to the Irish and won! The French game was interesting. England for once were trying to play open rugby and played well. I think the ref got a little hung up over the scrums yet didn't watch the binding! I do however think it was the right result even though England pushed so hard for a win
They can leave France and get ready for next year.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And so it continues...

The BA strike is here for real! Although the previous stike just before Christmas could be stopped there is not so much luck now. The action started this morning and is supposed to continue for 3 days. A total of 1,100 flights are cancelled over the next few days and the Scottish airports here are also affected. I hope that you are not planning to go on holiday this weekend and if you are than hopefully your flight will go ahead.

On a more joyful note: Iain Matthews is holding a songwriting weekend and will be showing off his talent in a concert tonight. A few tickets are still available, so if you have nothing else to do why don't you come along!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who is the Largest of them All?

What is considerably bigger than a normal egg and can produce an omelette which feeds up to 15 adults? Yes, you guessed right: an Ostrich egg! Apparently Waitrose is offering the oversized egg to its customer just in time for Easter. You'll need a lot of paint if you want to make that an Easeter Egg ;-) I wonder if you could taste the difference between a standard egg and an ostrich egg...but most importantly, will it fit in your eggcup?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's for Tea?

How many of us have the same conversation and or thought. "What shall I have for Tea?"
I think this is why eating out is so enjoyable. Apart from good food, someone else has decided what to eat, we just choose from the Menu and when your full up and can't be bothered clearing up someone else does it for you. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most enjoyable. Treat yourself and eat out more is what I say.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad Luck!

The Worldcup 2010 is due to start soon and one that will not make to South Africa is David Beckham. It would have been his fourth Worldcup but it seems that someone did not allow that to happen as he incurred a career-threatening achillis injury at the weekend. Let's hope it is not as bad as it seems and that he recovers quickly. I also hope that this event did not dampen the spirit of the English squad so that they can reach the final! Go England!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Start of the Day

What a great start to the day! I don't know if you were up early this morning, but the sunrise was absolutely fantastic. The sun was one big golden ball just above the hills. A start like this puts you straight into a great mood, doesn't it? It is definately better than a grey sky. Let's hope the weather stays like this for a while longer.

Friday, March 12, 2010

One Day to Go !!

The Old enemy has arrived! Can Scotland do it again. I'm biased being of more English stock than Scottish. So I know the answer already! England will win! The problem is that this is what I feel every time they come to Murrayfield and then a "New" Scottish team appear on the field and beat us. It Can't happen again surely?
Joe's such a looker don't you think!!!

The Oldest of them All

Another glorious day in the Kingdom of Fife! Blue skies and sunshine since the beginning of the week which is lifting the spirit of all our staff and guests.
Can you believe it-the world's oldest malt is for sale! It's an extremely rare Mortlach Old Speyside Single Malt which was 70 years in the making. A 70cl decanter will set you back £10.000 while a 20cl decander will only cost you a mere £2500. Even the Queen was offered a bottle, but she donated it to the National Museum of Scotland which is currently celebrating Scottish Culture. (Why she did this...one can only but guess)
This special Malt was described by someone who had the chance (and luck) to try it as delicate, fresh, fruity whisky with attributes of waxiness and smokiness. That just makes your mouth water and look under the sofa for the odd spare pound so that you can maybe by a decanter.
Speaking of decanter, the shape of it is quite unusual, but nevertheless well thought out. The tear-drop shape is to symbolise the last drop of whisky from the cast.
I can only say: Cheers!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Carlene Carter tonight

We are certainly in for a great treat tonight as Carlene Carter will be playing at the Inn.
For anyone who doesn't know Carlene, she is the grand-daughter of the famous Maybelle Carter and Johnny Cash and part of the Carter Clan. So, this and her great music is surely the cause for a full house tonight. I cannot wait to be there and be part of a great evening!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Need for Speed

For the sports fans amongst us who like the thrill of fast cars-the F1 season is nearly upon us!
New teams entered the line-up, new drivers replaced old ones and retired ones facing a tough come-back. But the goal is still the same: to lift the trophy at the end. Any bets yet? McLaren will have an all-English racing team (not the first all-English team) consisting of Hamilton and Button The burning questions however is: Who will be leading man in this relationship? Only time will tell. The first race will be be on the 14th March in Bahrain and everything comes to an end on the 14th November in Abu Dhabi. Let's look forward to a new and exciting few months!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rangers set to be taken over by the English

This I can't quite believe. Such a bastion of all things Scottish being turned over to an English consortium what is the world coming to? Can the supports be OK with this. mind you if clubs keep paying overseas players such ridiculous amounts of money and not bringing on the UK stars of the future they deserve all that's coming to them. Rock and roll !!

Can Scotland beat England

Robinson says the Scotts need to become more ruthless in their rugby! Once a Scotsman see an English shirt at Murryfield they seem to take on a whole new persona why? I ask myself as an Englishman living in Scotland Why can't they play like this all the time?
I believe England will come to Murryfield wanting to play and win but if the Scotts kill the breakdown it could be very close and a great game shame we couldn't get tickets this year

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mike Taylor - The star of the Stones

Mike played his first night last night to a near capacity crowd. What a great night, he played some real oldies and some of the greats of the 60's and early 70's stones music. He is playing tonight and I don't know how he will manage to better last night

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kieran Goss tonight

Kieran Goss click here to get this guy's amazing background This is a must see gig so come and check him out