Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scottish Wine?

Can you imagine you might be sipping wine which was grown not too far away from here at some point in the near future? You might think that this is more than impossible considering the Scottish climate. But the South-African chef/owner Peter Gottgens of the Perthshire-based Ardeonaig Hotel has planeted 48 wines on the hotel's grounds with the intention of planting another 800 vines if everything goes well. Some might call him crazy...some might call him brave, he definately thinks that someone has to be first. He was inspired by the Canadian and Swedish desert wines as their climate is similar to ours and thinks that it might be possible to produce some wine, even though it will most likely not rival the big wine producing countries. So, even though it might turn out to be more vinegar than wine, it is certainly worth a try and we wish Peter all the best with this adventure!

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