Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh six nations

England want to hammer Scotland ! That's a tuff call especially as its at Murryfield a week on Saturday. Scotland will want to forget Italy but lets not take anything away from the Italians they demonstrated a masterclass of rucking and linking phases together in the last 20 minuets of the game that just stopped Scotland from doing anything. They have come such a long way and good for them. I do wish the ref would stop being blind at the breakdown as he seems to never see the Italian hand or body that slows or steals ball.
Ireland played a good game, not sure they deserved the win, and again the ref had a couple of astonishing calls which went a long way to structuring the final score.
France are so much fun to watch unless your playing them that is ! As usual they are building too early for the world cup and will miss out again, shame as they deserve to be world beaters. they play rugby like they live life, lets turn up, throw the ball about and see what happens! does that not remind you of the French "shrug of the shoulders"? as if to say so!
The welsh what can you say! They create stars from the ashes. The singing is spectacular!
You know , I'm sitting here writing this and it's just dawned on me what a really great game it still is. I hope you all take time to go to at least one international and sit amongst the opposing teams supporters, its how I have made so many great friend down the years.

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