Saturday, February 13, 2010


Are you the lucky one that won in the Lotto yesterday? What to do with all that's absolutely mind-blowing! But I am sure that the winner will find some way to spend this newly gained fortune. I certainly have some ideas...

Let's hope Scotland will also be lucky when it comes to their match against Wales today. We do really wish them a win! Chris Pattersons 100th cap should surely bring them some boost in the luck department.

Not so lucky was the Georgian Olympic luger that crashed into a steel pole and died as a result of his injuries. What a tragedy for the Georgian team as well as the organisors of the Winter Olympics. Let's hope this will be the only incident.

We are certainly lucky to be able to experience another night of Snowy White. It was a really good gig last night and with tonight being sold out it only promises to be even better!

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