Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bumpy Ride

Now that the snow is gone and the ice has melted the ride to work is a bumpy one. It is a nightmare trying to avoid all those potholes. Unfortunately, some you just can't drive around and those are the ones that usually are the worst. It is especially difficult in the dark as you only realize that there is a pothole when it is already too late and you have been shaken (not stirred) around your car seat. Not to mention the possible damage to your car. At the moment I definately don't envy all the people with lowered cars and hope the council gets a move on in repairing the worst potholes. But if the speed in clearing the roads of ice and snow is anything to go might take a while. Patience is a virtue...or so they say!

On anther note: Paul Jones&Dave Kelly are playing another gig tonight which has been sold-out for a while now. We are very lucky to have such popular and great musicians treating us to what is going to be a fabulous night.

And there is a lot more music to come over the coming months...

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