Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Alternative Party Night

Boogalusa who really would show up any x factor band are playing with us on Saturday. They are from Dundee and have entertained all over. Their fiddler is just amazing and you just can't help following the beat, its just knee tapping stuff. Talking of X Factor, if you follow it, for the first time there seem to be three finalist that can actually sing! this has to be a first. The interesting part is that on the BBC web site they feature the 100 best new acts of 2009 and non come from the X factor yet three have played the Inn. So who's better Simon or David? We all know who is richer!! But thats life. Would the Bluebird come to Britain for Simon Cowell? Maybe but would he even know who they are? I would hope so should we invite him? Let us know what you think

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