Sunday, November 1, 2009

Murder tonight at lathones !!!

How do you follow Henry, wow what a night the Inn moved!! A full house all round and what a great atmosphere! A 14 year olds first gig (what a gig to go to) Henry just gets better with age, like a great red wine. lots of fellow "Oldies" rocking away.

We are hosting our 1st ever murder mystery dinner at the Inn tonight. Its set in the 20's and is run by a local company to the Inn called Blue Murder Events from Cupar. We have set the room up as part of the "Fairfield County Charity black and white Ball", The menu is also very 20's with its foie gras, wild boar and creme brulle.

They are starting the night with cocktails, we have some very eminent Doctors, sculptors, Antique experts in the group along with the Murderer !! No doubt we are in for a blood curgling night.

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