Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HMS Daring - What a ship

We were invited to see over the amazing Battle Ship last Friday by my God son, who is a Lieutenant Commander on board. I have been over one of the Royal Naval nuclear Subs a few years back that just blew my mind but this was something else.

I must be getting old as the crew were all so young! We toured from opps room to bridge, canteen to laundry. They get some incredibly small allocation per crew member to feed them off but the food looked really good.

The feeling when you go over a ship like this is almost describable. It has a quite self confidence that seeps out of each crew member, but it's also very threatening somehow (naive of me really). You see all these old movies about the Naval battle ships well I can assure you life has moved on. It so modern!

If you get a chance to see this ship you really should go and see it. From all of us at Lathones, Thanks for a great day and Bon Voyage, Chris & the whole Crew. Keep safe. You all make us proud to be British.

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