Thursday, November 12, 2009

Date for your Diary - Fife 2010!

The word on the street..... Fife is 'the' place to be seen in 2010! Well of course we have known this all along; however several tourism bodies including Fife Council have put their heads together in an attempt to promote Fife's energy and vibrant culture and are heralding 2010 "Fife's year of Culture."

We at the Inn at Lathones will be honouring this in classic Inn style, with a very warm welcome and impeccable service, sumptious comfort, outstanding cuisine using Fife's best seasonal produce not forgetting an enviable wine list.

Hand in hand with this comes 'RATS' (Rocking at the Stables) putting Fife on Scotlands musical map, with the Inn being awarded 'Music venue of the year 2008'

So come on Fife and join us - stop hiding your light under a bushel and shine in 2010!!

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