Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Spirit

As Christmas is just around the corner (where did the year go to???) everyone here is trying to transform the Inn to match this special time of year. The stereo is playing all-time-favourite Christmas songs and the decorations will be coming out of their boxes soon.
We are furthermore filling up for Chrismas Day Lunch bookings.
Talking of Christmas Day: What are your plans for Christmas? If you don't want the stress and hassle of cooking for everyone, why don't you check out our Menu. You can choose between plenty of dishes, all the favourite Chrismas Classics. And you won't even have to do the washing-up afterwards...Why don't you treat yourself and book a table.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Climb of your Life-to Raise Funds for Charity

The step-dad of my receptionist's boyfriend and a group from his church are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as we "speak", in the heart of Africa, between the 20th-28th November in order to raise awareness and funds for Autism in South Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is the largest freestanding mountain on earth and its peak towers 5895 meters above the sea level.

The group of guys really deserve our respect and applause as non of them are experienced climbers, but they still took this great risk for such a good cause. As far as I know they reached the summit last night, which took them 6 days in total, and are now on their way back down, to safer ground. All but one made it to the top, which is an unbelievable achievment and I hope that he gets better soon!
More information and a more detailed day-to-day description of the climb can be found on Go and check it out!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Alternative Party Night

We have a very special treat in store:
Mundell Music and the Inn at Lathones bring you this amazing alternative party night.Everyone needs to get into the party spirit and we thought what better way to do this but to bring you an easily affordable fun night with live music that's really funky, upbeat and just fun!
Your £15 not only include your ticket, but also a 2-course bar meal and a glass of wine!What more can you want? Furthermore, if you do not feel like driving home,We offer a special rate, just for music lovers like yourself:£25.00 per person bed and breakfast(based on two people sharing) Now that is definitely worth thinking about, so come along to our party night with a difference!Boogalusa will play at the Inn on Dec, 12th @ 9pm

Based in Dundee, Boogalusa are a six-piece band playing their own original music based on rootsy cajun/zydeco swampland swing. With the emphasis on uptempo, and real fun,
get-up-and-dance. They've delighted audiences the length and breath of Britain, Ireland as well as in Europe.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hold on to your hats, there is some storm outside

What a miserable day! Not only is it absolutely stormy outside, but it also started to rain.

I had to hold on to my jacket for dear life on my way from the car to the Inn this morning.

This is definately not the kind of weather to be outside.

Our postie looked all over the place when he came to drop off our mail. Poor guy! For once it is not so bad to have a job behind the desk, away from the elements that torment the country at the moment.

The best way however to enjoy weather like this is curled-up on the sofa or next to the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate (or something stronger if you prefer)! Mmhh...

HMS Daring - What a ship

We were invited to see over the amazing Battle Ship last Friday by my God son, who is a Lieutenant Commander on board. I have been over one of the Royal Naval nuclear Subs a few years back that just blew my mind but this was something else.

I must be getting old as the crew were all so young! We toured from opps room to bridge, canteen to laundry. They get some incredibly small allocation per crew member to feed them off but the food looked really good.

The feeling when you go over a ship like this is almost describable. It has a quite self confidence that seeps out of each crew member, but it's also very threatening somehow (naive of me really). You see all these old movies about the Naval battle ships well I can assure you life has moved on. It so modern!

If you get a chance to see this ship you really should go and see it. From all of us at Lathones, Thanks for a great day and Bon Voyage, Chris & the whole Crew. Keep safe. You all make us proud to be British.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great atmosphere inside - wet and cold outside

Another day of rain, even though it started out so well this skies and sunshine!

But even though it is cold and wet out there, we are in for a great evening tonight and not any amount of rain can dampen our spirits as Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett wiil be playing another gig.
They already played here last night and from what I have heard it was absolutely great.
And it should be the same, if not even better this night!

There are still a few tickets left, so come along and enjoy the great atmosphere!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great day for Ducks !! Cats and Dogs or maybe Rats

Well I don't know about you but I swam to work today! towing my car.
The Boss (my wife) walked the dogs! they would have walked themselves if it had been left to me. She came in looking like a drowned Rat (talking of the rats which we weren't, we have Tokyo Rosenthal from the USA tonight) if you fancy a swim I can highly recomend him. The Ducks are the only happy thing I have seen. You pass people sitting looking glum --- Roll on Christmas and Spring ! Maybe what we really need is a bit of cold weather and some Snow, I hear its snowing in Boston just now so its not so far away.

Rainy Day - Music Night

Will it ever stop raining? According to the weatherforcast there is more to come...Not really what we need, is it?

The morning staff nearly had to multitask because of this weather condition as our Housekeepers were diverted more than once due to road closures. And what a sight that would have been! I am sure our guests prefer their beds made properly and their bathrooms sparkling clean. There is never a dull moment...

I hope Tokyo Rosenthal can swim, as he will be playing here tonight.
Why don't you check out his own webpage to find out more about him.
Tickets are going fast...and don't forget to bring your waterwings with you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Rolling Stone who's stony broke: Why Mick Taylor lives in a rundown Suffolk semi with a shabby car.

How does David manage to book these great artists?

Just read this link to the mail online today its amazing !!

You can book tickets to see Mick in concert at the Inn in February Live with his band

37 days left to Christmas

I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by! Just 37 days to go and we will be in undated with adverts telling us that we should be booking summer holidays, getting ready for Easter or maybe its just 352 day to Christmas!
We normally have a joint Christmas day with two other families and friends, this year for the first time we will be missing a few as they are working all over the world. Still I'm sure we will manage to raise a few glasses to them and toast their health. Have you got all your presents? written out you Christmas cards? Ordered the turkey? most importantly ordered the wine?

In the immortal words of Bob Hope "My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?"
Have fun!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HIT Scotland Annual lunch at the Sheraton Edinburgh

For those who don't know who HIT is it stands for Hospitality Industry Trust.

They help develop people and assist companies broaden their staffs horizons. The great and good of the Hotel Industry in Scotland terned up, and then there was me! I was invited by St Andrews World class training. We started the lunch off with the most amazingly funny talk by Sir Rocco Forte. Lunch was very good and quite fun as two courses were served to us blindfolded. This was an experiment as there were over 400 of us at the meal.

They wanted us to guess what we had in front of us and what they had chosen as a wine to match the dish. It's quite weird when you cover your eyes and try and eat! I felt quite claustrophobic. Then after lunch Jean Lewis from Monachyle Mhor was our second speaker. Talk about being inspirational. She was hit on the head some 26 years ago and has been blind ever since. During this 26 years she has developed one of Scotland great Country House hotels, initially doing all the meeting and greeting herself whilst cooking, these days she said she just cooks!

Then came the auction we raised just under £40,000 for this great cause.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jonathan Kalb brings the Blues

Hi, Jonathan is playing tonight at the Inn £12 a ticket, he is a great blue singer with a touch of rock and roll thrown in. We still have some tickets left so if you fancy an evening of entertainment come to the Inn. Show starts at 9.00pm

He has shared stages and or opened for BB King, Luther Allison and many other.

What a great weekend for sport and music

Martin Joseph played to a packed to over flowing Inn on Saturday night, I must thank all those that are supporting the music. Its a great thing to have in this area, but not easy to put on for David Mundell and his team.
Scotland had a good start to the Rugby season which is more than I could say for my beloved England. They just seem to take one step forward and three back. I know Argentina are a real force around the scrum but come on guys your better than that!!! And then came Ireland!! well they were just fantastic. The passion was what made the difference between the English and the Irish.
I think, having said that the 6 nations is going to be great this year.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More music at the Inn with Welsh Martyn Joseph

After a great gig with Dennis Locorriere last week we have another fabulous treat in store: Martyn Joseph will be playing here for two nights.

The Welsh Singer/Songwriter is one of acoustics music's most arresting artists with a career that can look back at some great achievements. He was voted Best Male Artist at the 2004 BBC Welsh Music Awards and has released his 30th album last year.

Why don't you check out his website if you would like more information.

It is unnecssary to say that with a guy like Martin Joseph playing, the gig on Saturday Night is already sold out!

But, if you really want to see him there are still a few seats left for his second gig on Sunday Night. So, hurry and give us a call!
Talking of Wales...the Welsh Rugby Team is playing against Samoa this evening. And it is no question that with a Welsh Singer at the weekend we are definately backing the Welsh Rugby team as well

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Date for your Diary - Fife 2010!

The word on the street..... Fife is 'the' place to be seen in 2010! Well of course we have known this all along; however several tourism bodies including Fife Council have put their heads together in an attempt to promote Fife's energy and vibrant culture and are heralding 2010 "Fife's year of Culture."

We at the Inn at Lathones will be honouring this in classic Inn style, with a very warm welcome and impeccable service, sumptious comfort, outstanding cuisine using Fife's best seasonal produce not forgetting an enviable wine list.

Hand in hand with this comes 'RATS' (Rocking at the Stables) putting Fife on Scotlands musical map, with the Inn being awarded 'Music venue of the year 2008'

So come on Fife and join us - stop hiding your light under a bushel and shine in 2010!!

Tickets for Troops

Have you ever heard of the not-for-profit organisation Ticket for Troops?

This organisation has made it their goal to offer tickets for all serving and retired soldiers, sailors and airmen.

For each ticket a £1 donation is required and the proceeds go to a wide range of service charities.

And the Inn is now part of it!!

David Mundell was so kind to donate two tickets to any gig for this great cause. So, we are waiting now on a call from you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Loyalty Cards

Good Afternoon from us all at the Inn at Lathones. What is the weather doing? Where is the sunshine? Do you have a Harrods Loyalty Card? Too many questions let me give you some exciting info. A Loyalty Card "The Inn Card" which entitles you to complimentary Bed and Breakfast for two in a standard room or Meal for two in the Inn's award winning Restaurant or Two gig tickets and a two course meal prior to the Gig for the small price of £25.00 (system reg and admin charge) just to say thank you to our Customers who are top of our organisational chart. On top of this, hand the card in each time you visit us and accrue points which give you 10p for every £1.00 spent. Great - treat yourself and remember we are near St Andrews and many other Local attractions more info on our Website.
We are all excited because, we have for the second night Dennis Locorriere playing. All tickets are sold so it will be a great atmosphere here at the Inn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World Heritage site

Have you ever been to New Lanark? For those that haven't you should. Built in 1815 by a Cotton Mill owner not only did he build the Mill he built the village to support it. Then he built and opened schools for all employees even parents!
These days its a 3 star hotel, spa and working mill and visitors centre. The staff all over the complex are so friendly and so want to make the experience great. Foods OK, bedrooms hot, but the staff are fantastic.

Dennis Locorriere

We have two busy but non-the-less exciting nights ahead of us as Dennis Locorriere is going to be playing here at the Inn!
As one of the founding members and the lead vocalist/guitarist of the legendary Dr. Hook, Dennis Locorriere was the recipient of more than 60 gold and platinum albums next to gaining No. 1 chart status in over 42 countries.

Tickets have been sold-out for weeks now, which show just how popular he is.

We are certainly in for a treat!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rememberance Sunday

Today is Rememberance Sunday and here at the Inn we were also thinking of all those who sacrificed their lives during wars.
Most of our staff are wearing their poppies proudly to show their support for this special event.

On another note, we had a very busy Saturday night as Classic Clapton gave one of their great performances here at the Inn. Everybody enjoyed themselves and had a great time! We cannot wait for the band to come back next year.

Darden Smith will be playing tonight and we still have a few tickets hurry before they are all gone!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

G20 hits St Andrews

You will have seen on the news how the G20 have been at Fairmont this weekend. We have had some great business from it as well as, I'm sure the other restaurants in the area have. This is such a boost for Fife and St Andrews.

We launched our new autumn menus on Wednesday and the restaurant and bar feedback has been brilliant, Richard has introduced some great old style dishes with a modern twist Fresh Turbot with a mini luxury seafood pie to name but one.

Darden Smith is at the Inn Sunday, he is a great singer songwriter from the states who just loves playing in Scotland. Darden is the perfect choice for the G20 as he crosses all political divides with the use of his music and melodies

Friday, November 6, 2009

Classic Clapton are here

Eric once heard them play and stated that he thought some one was using one of his CD's He knows the whole band and has actually endorsed them due to the quality and professionalism of them all.

They play all the greats and a few others and you just want to get up and dance.
I missed a bit of news on the GTS dinner that was one of the best parts of the night. HIT Scotland agreed to support the Young Talent of the year by giving three top scholarships to the finalists. The two runners up were given UK Scholarships and the winner Sam, from The Rufflets Hotel was given an International Scholarship that will allow her to experience golf overseas.
The runners up were Laura from Crail Golfing Society and Leanne from Links Golf, St Andrews

Turnberry Old world elegance- New world style

The GTS (Golf Tourism Scotland) awards dinner was held at Turnberry. Well what a night, we were in the finals of the Best large golfing Hotel. Regrettably the North Berwick Marina won ( I think we should loose a room as if we did we would be in the best small golfing hotel category and have a chance of winning as we did in 2005/6)

Turnberry is amazing, having worked there in the 70's as a trainee and and first visited as a guest in 2005. Then it was like stepping back in time to the old railway station hotels better known as BTH but now its all change. You drive up the old road to the hotel sweep round the corner and into the reception area all re-developed, you are then met by not one but three doormen who take you car luggage and whisk you into the reception. All change, as you go in you can see right through to the windows of the "Old Tea Lounge", It classical 1920's decor works so well. You just wanted to order a full afternoon tea! Many did.

We had the AGM on so Jocelyn settled in and went for an afternoon in the spa. The bedroom we had booked was "the last" and was a deluxe room overlooking the sea and the courses. Wow! in my day this was a housekeeping store and linen store ! well as you can see it was amazing large, and with great views.
The dinner was perfect as was the service both at dinner and at breakfast the following day. If you want to spoil the other half this is the place to go.
Just let me know so I can carry the bags !!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Inn has Andy Fairweather Low on tonight

We have this amazing artist playing tonight and tomorrow, a few seat left if you fancy a night out but when I say a few that really is a few! Andy for those who have not heard of him try thinking of each time you watched Eric Clapton he would be the Guitarist to the right of Eric. Or for that matter he played with George Harrison and at the Ceam Revival in 2003 at the Albert hall. He has to be one of the worlds great gutarists
If you still want a ticket its £36.00 and at the time of this posting we have 2 tickets for tonight left Enjoy !!

Power Cut Yesterday

The Inn was hit after the rain with a major power cut yesterday. We all realised how much we all now need and have come to relay on computers! Mind you the electricity board were really good yesterday. I felt for the guys as they were blue when they rolled up here last night looking a lighter shade of blue.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Murder tonight at lathones !!!

How do you follow Henry, wow what a night the Inn moved!! A full house all round and what a great atmosphere! A 14 year olds first gig (what a gig to go to) Henry just gets better with age, like a great red wine. lots of fellow "Oldies" rocking away.

We are hosting our 1st ever murder mystery dinner at the Inn tonight. Its set in the 20's and is run by a local company to the Inn called Blue Murder Events from Cupar. We have set the room up as part of the "Fairfield County Charity black and white Ball", The menu is also very 20's with its foie gras, wild boar and creme brulle.

They are starting the night with cocktails, we have some very eminent Doctors, sculptors, Antique experts in the group along with the Murderer !! No doubt we are in for a blood curgling night.