Monday, February 9, 2009

Fifestock is filling up

The Rats are starting to Rock!!!!!
Even with all the mass hype about the Credit Crunch we are starting to fill up. We need to make this a great festival and have arranged interviews with Henry McCulloch and Denny Laine being interviewed on Radio and loads of other starts chatting to Newspapers all over Scotland. If you need a good night out then come and see these guys. John Jorgenson has just picked up a Grammy and you have a chance to listen to him either at the Inn or at the Fairmont Hotel's club house.
Denny is a world tour- he is amazing when he starts telling the stories about his time in the Moody Blues and Wings with Paul McCartney particularly get him to tell the one about how he came to write Mull of Kintyre. To book a gig click here

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