Monday, June 16, 2008

When is our Government going to wake up to Alcohol?

Children don't drink like we did, but no one seems to ask why? Why do they drink Vodka at 13 when we drank cider , sherry and beer?its very simple vodka is as accessible as cider , sherry and beer but works twice as fast and how do they know this?
We as a nation introduced them to Vodka in the form of alco-pops! The next thing we have done is treat 15-17 year olds like they don't exist , why not think more lateral. Most pubs in rural areas have a spare room that doesn't make them money why not turn this over to a soft drink company like Coke and get them to introduce a place form the 15-17 to hang out in the pub that is going to welcome them as full customers latter in life. These places could be know as coke dens using slang for a change to change a meaning of the words for the good. Bring our children in off the streets into an environment that is under pressure. This would secure the future of small pubs, it would also help integrate small villages and reduce petty crime. For this to work we need to ban alco-pops and have spirits sold only by special spirit stores set up for retail and whole sale. Retail should be taxed at a rate of 30% ABOVE WHOLESALE to ensure that drinking out was about the same as drinking in their own houses or on the streets.

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