Thursday, December 4, 2008

The World of Fairmont is about to change

This World famous Hotel Chain have just announced their Graduate selection for 2009 and yes you guessed it-- The next generation of Hoteliers from the White Clan are right in there. Ben has been accepted on this amazing training programme , widly regarded as one of the top graduate programmes in the world. He is first off to Dubie on his HIT Scotland Scholarship where he will work in two of the top 6 star hotels out there
He will start in Boston next June and will work through Food and breverage and into Rooms division before taking on a main role within Fairmont in a few years.
Well done Ben! Good luck Fairmont!!

Norland does it again

The famous Norland Nannies have done the Impossible. They have taken a fashion conscious 18 year old who's love in life was shopping( still is I think!!) maybe partying as well who knows? Dad doen't want to! Into a person who can sew and knit. This may seem to the uninformed not much but believe me this is earth shattering news
So Here's a big round of applause for the great bastion of all great Nannies. Your on the road to adding another great person to your roll of honour -- Well done Sophie

Have a great Christmas all of you in Bath and here's to the next instalment -- they learn how to make their own toys for the children they look after next year!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

People have lost respect

When Mo (manager of the Inn) was first training in hotels she was telling me that she and the others cared for each other and had respect for employers and their colleagues a like. These days people just don't seem to care any more they are selfish and don't care about the business they work in or the people they work with.
Blame culture has set in, is this being developed from a lead taken from Mr Blair and fellow MP's of all denominations who seem to think "Its not my fault don't blame me" just pay me and don't bother about telling me my job!!
When Mo started out you treated people as you wishes to be treated, You gave seniors your respect and in turn you learnt your trade and discipline
What do you think!

Christmas has lost its meaning

I think that the whole Christmas thing is now far too commercialised and has lost its true meaning. I used to love going out in the Christmas holidays making advent calenders and going into the old peoples home and putting up the Christmas decorations. Then In later life I was tied to a fire engine and driven by Noddy in his car and even dropped into the Hotel by helicopter to play Santa (in 110 degrees) Is this right I now ask myself. Do Children these days even know what the real meaning of Christmas is all about or care for that matter? Christmas to me should be about caring for each other and those who might be less fortunate than ourselves. Its a time for family and for spreading peace and love (very 60's)
I hope you all have a great one!

Monday, June 16, 2008

When is our Government going to wake up to Alcohol?

Children don't drink like we did, but no one seems to ask why? Why do they drink Vodka at 13 when we drank cider , sherry and beer?its very simple vodka is as accessible as cider , sherry and beer but works twice as fast and how do they know this?
We as a nation introduced them to Vodka in the form of alco-pops! The next thing we have done is treat 15-17 year olds like they don't exist , why not think more lateral. Most pubs in rural areas have a spare room that doesn't make them money why not turn this over to a soft drink company like Coke and get them to introduce a place form the 15-17 to hang out in the pub that is going to welcome them as full customers latter in life. These places could be know as coke dens using slang for a change to change a meaning of the words for the good. Bring our children in off the streets into an environment that is under pressure. This would secure the future of small pubs, it would also help integrate small villages and reduce petty crime. For this to work we need to ban alco-pops and have spirits sold only by special spirit stores set up for retail and whole sale. Retail should be taxed at a rate of 30% ABOVE WHOLESALE to ensure that drinking out was about the same as drinking in their own houses or on the streets.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great weather for the Curtis Cup

We have had a great week with people coming from all over the world to see the golf. It is great to see Ladies golf being shown off so well. They are playing well (shame the US are winning) Come on Britain you can do it!!!!

Energy and Tax is killing the Industry

There is loads being written about how families are being hit by the increases in gas electricity and oil but just spare a thought for the hotels, Inn's Guest houses and bed and breakfast that try and forge a living from leisure and business tourism.

We are being hit harder than the average house. We are being taxed higher than any of our counterparts in the EU yet we are continually asked for discounts. It's embarrassing trying to explain to our friends from the USA that they can purchase whisky cheaper than we can!

We believe that at a time like this, when we are all feeling the pinch we have to be strong and help people have fun and make sure they are able to still go out.

So next time your out make sure you have a laugh with the Inn keeper and spare a thought for the hospitality industry when you moan to your MP.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ben goes to Dubai, Sophie goes to Bath

Ben, my son has also been awarded a Scholarship but his is going to take him to Dubai to work. He is studying Tourism and hospitality management in Holland and is on his last year hoping to finish up working with the Fairmont group in the US or Canada.

Sophie, my daughter has just finished her IB and has been lucky enough to be picked out of 100's to become trained by the world famous Norland Nannies of Bath. This training will enable her to travel all over the world looking after children.

Scottish beef club

We are now able to track not only our beef from field to plate but also our Lamb and pork. The pork we are using at present comes from Sir Peter Erskins estate Combo House and Myres Castle where we and Peter are rearing our own Tamworth pigs for our use at the Inn. Peter sells to other people as well but the flavour of all this pork is second to none.

Had Benny Stay Last night

Benny Gallagher stayed last night on his way to a Gig up north, 1st time at the Inn but has just confirmed that he will take part in our February festival.

4 tickets left for the Strawbs for sunday left. This is the line up that still filles the big arena's in the states

Friday, May 16, 2008

Darden Smith Live at The Stables 16th May!

Darden Smith put out his first album, yes, a genuine vinyl album, in 1986. Since then he has released 10 more. You would think he would have learned his lesson by now. 'Ojo', his first live recording, is the latest.

In the ensuing 20 years of toil and trevail, he has toured a rediculous amount, playing every state except for Hawaii and South Dakota, playing to crowds as small as he and a bartender in Asbury Park, NJ to 9,000 adoring and lace-wrapped fans of Stevie Nicks when he opened her 1993 tour of the US.

He's been on the Tonight Show a couple of times, Austin City Limits, and recently heard his song, 'Loving Arms' again in Home Depot. The peaks just keep getting higher.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to The Diary of an Innkeeper

Manager wins top scholarship!

Morag Peattie the Inn's manager has picked up one of the industry's top scholarships to train at Le Manoir quatre saisons.

She will be the 1st winner to ever be placed at Le Manoir and will be with them for two weeks

We are all so delighted for her as it will help the Inn drive forward in its quest for even better standards and service. If anyone deserved this it really must be Morag as she gives 150% all the time and lives for our customers and our staff

All I can add is well done MO!!!